The VOICES Committee

The Knoxville Family Justice Center’s VOICES Committee is a group of dedicated survivors who—through advocacy, education, and community outreach—work to improve the experience of other victims seeking help for domestic violence. They use their VOICES to share their stories and amplify the voices of other victims of domestic violence in our community.

Sharing Their Stories

VOICES Committee members share personal stories about their experiences to raise awareness and educate the community about the realities of domestic violence and the resource of the Knoxville Family Justice Center. Members are available for media interviews, public-speaking opportunities, outreach events, fundraising efforts, and more.

Supporting Victims

VOICES Committee members connect victims to the Knoxville Family Justice Center and help them as they navigate through their process. Some members are available to provide personal encouragement and support to those coming through the Knoxville Family Justice Center.

Providing Perspective

VOICES Committee members provide a unique perspective about the services offered at the Knoxville Family Justice Center. They lend their perspectives as survivors to the development of our policies, procedures, and practices to ensure they are trauma-informed and victim-centered.


If you are interested in learning more about VOICES or would like to request a VOICES member as a speaker, please call (865) 215-6877 or email mnewman@fjcknoxville.org.

VOICES Committee membership is open to all survivors who are no longer in a relationship with their abuser and are not currently undergoing trial or court proceedings related to the abuse and/or separation from their abuser. All applicants are interviewed to ensure there are no safety concerns and they are ready to actively participate.

The VOICES Committee meets monthly.