Mission & Values

Our Mission

The mission of the Knoxville Family Justice Center is to facilitate a coordinated and comprehensive approach to ending domestic violence through collaboration, education, and advocacy.

Our Values

Everyone deserves to live a life free from violence and full of safety, opportunity, and choice.

Interpersonal violence intersects with multiple other forms of oppression and affects everyone in our community.

Trauma impacts all areas of life, both for individuals and the larger community.

Empathy, compassion, and empowerment are central to healing.

Advocacy starts with believing survivors and recognizing that violence is never the fault of the survivor.

Holding offenders accountable is critical to justice and healing for survivors.

Vicarious trauma impacts practitioners doing direct and indirect work.

Collaboration and teamwork within our organization and with our partners is central to the success of our work.

Inclusivity, diversity, and equality are central to a healthy staff and work culture, collaborative partnerships, and excellent service provision to survivors.

Commitment to policies, procedures, and practices that are trauma-informed and victim-centered is crucial in cultivating spaces and experiences that do not hinder, discourage, or retraumatize help-seeking victims.