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Following us on social media and re-posting our content is a way to amplify our voice and maximize our reach. Sharing our posts to your profile and/or Stories feature gives us the opportunity to educate your friends and followers and our larger community about domestic violence and the work of the Knoxville Family Justice Center. By following us, you will also be able to stay up to date on all our news!

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Subscribing to our newsletter and encouraging your family and friends to subscribe as well is another way you can help us grow our network and broaden our reach. In our newsletter we share more in-depth educational information about domestic violence and the action being taken in Knox County to end it.

Distribute Our Printed Materials

We have informative and educational brochures and posters as well as “Safety Cards” with discrete safety planning and emergency contact information for victims.

Displaying and distributing our printed materials at your place of business, church, school, etc. is one of the most-needed ways you can help us raise awareness in our community about domestic violence and connect victims to the Knoxville Family Justice Center as an invaluable resource.

To request printed materials, please call (865) 215-6877 or email mnewman@fjcknoxville.org.

Request a Speaker

If you are interested in having us speak to your group about domestic violence and the Knoxville Family Justice Center, please call (865) 215-6877 or email mnewman@fjcknoxville.org. We are happy to speak to church groups, school classes, office staff, rotary clubs—you name it! No audience is too large or small.

If you are coordinating a community event such as a resource fair, conference, etc., we would love to be invited to participate and provide a resource table! Just call (865) 215-6877 or email mnewman@fjcknoxville.org if you would like for us to be involved.

We are also always available for media interviews and other similar outreach opportunities.

Our partners also provide a wide range of in-depth trainings on different topics regarding domestic violence and related issues. See our Training Directory to learn more.